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At the present time, we are only able to offer individual Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Treatment.  However, the same skills taught in the group format are covered in individual treatment as well.

What is DBT?

DBT is a treatment that was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan. DBT is designed to help individuals who experience intense emotions. As a result of these painful emotions, individuals often have problems with impulsive behaviours, difficulties in relationships (i.e., lots of ups and downs), and challenges knowing who they are and what they want.

What is the DBT Skills Group?

The skills group is just one part of DBT. If you do group alone, it does not mean that you “have done DBT”. Instead, you have learned one of the important parts of DBT – something that can be valuable in and of itself.

Group training can provide individuals with ways to identify when emotions are intense, how to accept, change, and/or cope with emotions before they lead to problems or create crises, and how to have more peaceful relationship with themselves and others.

What would I learn in the DBT Skills Group?

The skills group will teach the following DBT Skills modules:


Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of this moment that you are in, including what you are thinking, feeling, wanting to do, and doing without judgment – you are seeing it as it is. Mindfulness is a core skill in DBT because without it you cannot know that there is an issue to be addressed or know what you want. Additionally, if you cannot experience this moment, you will have difficulty enjoying it, a key aspect to experiencing happiness and joy.

Distress Tolerance

Distress tolerance involves 2 parts:

  • Getting through a crisis without making it worse
  • Learning how to acknowledge reality in order to reduce suffering

These skills are critical to getting through difficult moments that we all experience in life, and developing an way to move through life without experiencing as much unnecessary suffering.

Emotion Regulation

Individuals with intense, out-of-control emotions often feel as though their emotional thermostat doesn’t work. When their emotions become intense, either too high, too low, and/or back and forth, they do not have ways to bring their emotions back to a comfortable level. Because of they don’t know how to bring down their emotions, they have developed ways to reduce the pain in the moment by self-injury, substance abuse, avoidance, eating disordered behaviours, impulsive sex or spending, fighting with others, etc. While these strategies help in the moment, they often create other problems, including generating more painful and intense emotions. Learning skills can help you to break this cycle.

This module will teach you how to learn how to:

  • recognize and label emotions
  • reduce vulnerability to experience intense emotions
  • allow emotions to ride out naturally
  • and to change or reduce painful emotions if you want to do so

Interpersonal Effectiveness

These skills are designed to improve the relationships that you have and want, and to develop new relationships that balance your needs and the needs of others.

These skills are for you if you:

  • have a tendency to do what others want (or what you think they want), and then later feel resentful because your needs were ignored
  • feel unsure of how to ask for what you want or question whether you deserve what you want
  • avoid asking for help
  • have a lot of conflict in your relationships with others

What’s the format?

Two therapists co-lead the group. The group is limited to a maximum of 8 participants. These 2-hr groups will be offered for 13 weeks, including an individual orientation session. The group format is based directly on Dr. Marsha Linehan’s 13-week group outline.


What are the fees?

DBT Skill-building group  cost is $1375 (HST exempt). The costs include an orientation with one or both of the group leaders, the group sessions, and a manual. In addition, each group member would need a one-time assessment with one of our associates prior to participating in their first group. This assessment would be 50-minutes long and would cost $125 (HST exempt).

If you are interested in attending our 13 week program, the total cost, including the initial assessment would be $1500 (HST exempt).

Schedule for DBT Skilled Group Sessions for 2017

Monday Sept 2017  date to be determined (please register for assessment)

Want to learn more about DBT and BPD?


National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder



The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide, Alexander L Chapman & Kim L. Gratz

The Buddha and the Borderline, Kiera Van Gelder

Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder: How to Keep Out-of-Control Emotions from Destroying Your Relationship, Shari Y. Manning

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